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Summer Camp Is Opening

Have fun, play games and learn the fundamentals of the Olympic Sport of table tennis from U.S. Olympian, Wang Chen. At Wang Chen Table Tennis Club, we offer programs, coaching, and events during the year, including but not limited to after-school, private lessons, and birthday parties programs.

Serving Up Fun and Competition

Looking for fun activities for your child to stay active, build skills, and be social when school is finished? We have it here. We offer our lessons at elementary schools in the New York and New Jersey region. Our program is safe, fun and educational. It will be located right outside of the school and/or in the school gymnasium.

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Olympian's Table Tennis Club a Real Smash for Kids on Upper West Side

Private lessons are a great option to strengthen your technique or start off on the right path. Allow our well accomplished and experienced coaches to provide advice so that your game can continue to improve in the long run. 

We offers customerized private lessons to best meet your needs. Our coaches are available to commute to your home to conduct the lesson. Alternatively, you are welcome to schedule a private lesson at our New York or New Jersey club.

Private lessons and small group classes can be scheduled by phone or email. These lessons are 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are charged per person.

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